The right choice for clinical research support.

CRS is a Women-Owned Small Business, founded and run by physicians with decades of clinical research experience.  We were formed to satisfy the need for high-quality clinical research services with a focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction.  Our team is managed by industry-seasoned experts with in-depth operational and management experience, and a deep understanding of the importance of working closely with our customers to achieve results.

A dynamic and rapidly expanding company, in the course of 6 years CRS has grown from 4 employees and a single $260,000 subcontract to 51 employees and a healthy mix of prime and subcontracts worth over $18 million. Being part of an ever-changing industry, CRS consistently expands its capabilities to meet requisite changes in their trade. CRS’ goal is to provide cost effective technical solutions with speed and quality.

Our Clinical Data Management Capabilities Include:

  • Clinical data management
  • Clinical monitoring
  • Clinical informatics
  • Site coordination

Recognition of CRS Team Members

  • NIH CCR Clinical Excellence Award 2023
  • NIH CCR Clinical Excellence Award 2022